2013/2014 Council Minutes




Ridgewood Parent Council

January 9th, 2014

Sixteen people in attendance combined with people there for Math Matters presentation

  • MATH Matters presentation cancelled due to emergency of presenter. Will take place at a future date.

a)      Backyard Bash Changed to Friday June 20th. b)      Wristbands for backyard bash -council had previously agreed to sell wristbands which would get children on all the “rides” at the backyard bash. The original thought was to have one colour for Ridgewood students and one for everyone else. 500 wristbands=$68.00 + $20 printing =$20 set up fee We decided to do blank ones to avoid printing costs, and we estimated that we would need about 8000 -suggestion to send out invites with RSVP date and number, then estimate how many we will need -suggestion to have pre-ordered wrist bands to help lesson line ups on day of, and also help us know how many to buy Long discussion about weather Ridgewood students should have different price. Eventually we decided that everyone pays $5 if they pre-order, and $6 at the door Yohjana will tabulate completed forms for wristband orders.  Anne-Marie/Mrs. Walker will create and distribute forms to schools.  Anne-Marie will order wristbands once tabulation is complete. We need to finish deciding about wristbands on the blog c)       Rides and Activities for Backyard bash= Jaime Jaime has done lots of research and suggests Eventdirect.ca $1850 to include 4 bouncy castles, carnival tent, 2 food machines, sport challenge, and one item choice They do the permit for you -Jaime also offered to make (with Neil) and Ridgewood lion with a face hole for photo ops, and a few more games Other activities: face painting, henna, karaoke corner, hop scotch, skipping contest, colouring area with Ridgewood lion -prizes for contests * Sarah and Jaime will work together to get this on blog and get volunteers for the different activities d) Printing costs for posters, flyers etc. -$330 for 2000 fliers Council suggested to save money we print in black and white on coloured paper, but 25-30 copies of large posters in colour *Mrs. Singh will check school board price for printing -24” X 66” inch standard banner would cost $125.00 Mrs. Singh will check family connection -sponsors need to be listed on banner and the words “Back yard bash” instead of carnival e) Music $400 day for music equipment -big discussion with no resolution on whether we need it and how we can do it in a cost effective way Needs to be discussed further and resolved on blog f) Sponsorship and donations -Annemarie made donation letters for food, and booklet for sponsers -Valeka will check at her work If anyone knows anywhere that might donate please get a booklet and letter from blog. Ex) sunpack, fairlee, general mills g)      VIP’s to invite that would be a treat for students Terry suggested Mississauga Majors Sarah will check into musicians h) Permits -permits application forms should be done by end of month Neil will go back to police with permit, 3 months before (as police recommended) i) First Aid -We decided to bring in St. Ambulance –the charge is by donation so we need to discuss how much we want to pay them j) Volunteers Karin will make form for high school Volunteers Ms. Walker will talk to High School Councils

  1. Teachers requesting help from council for Black History night

*Need volunteers for Black History night on Feb 27th and before to organize food-see attached note Invitation The BH team would like to extend an invitation to our Parent Council to help us with our Caribbean Cafe and Fashion Show. We would like the Cafe and show to take place on the night of the concert, February 27. Grade 2 and 3 families will be invited to come in to see the concert, which will include the Fashion Show. On that night, the gym would be set up as a Cafe with African and Caribbean music and food before the concert and during the intermission. The Task The task of the Parent Council would be to help us with the preparation/purchase and set up of the food. The food would be sold to the audience and net profit would go towards our Black History expenses and the grade 3 Empowerment Project. The grade 3s will be raising funds to sponsor an African child in the name of Nelson Mandela. It will cost about $450 to sponsor her for the year. The suggested menu:

  • Patties/Coco bread
  • Doubles
  • Curried chicken and rice
  • Jerk chicken and roles
  • Drink

The Council would be welcome to make changes. Kindly let us know if they will be able to assist any at all, and in what capacity. The Council has been very supportive of the Ridgewood community. We look forward to synergizing with such an awesome team. Kindest regards! Black History Team Ridgewood Public School

Ridgewood Public School

School Council Meeting

Thursday October 17th 2013, 6:30pm

Attendance:  12 parents, 4 staff members and one guest from Mathletics B Singh(principal), R Walker(v.p),  Mala Ramchara (chair), Annemarie Russel(chair), Neil Nolan, Jamie MacKinnon, Rakhee Dalal, Sarah McGaughey, Dawn Oulette (teacher), Terry Friedman (teacher rep),Valeka Maharajh, Moniquw Shallow, Helen Agyapong, Duke Yonge, Fehmida Patel, Ricky Ramcharan, Jatinder Pahura, Yhjana Tococ Lopez, Noshaba Rani 1.       Welcome -Remember to call or email Rae with jobs to do-he wants to help but often can’t attend meetings. 2.       Approve agenda -fixed “school blog” to “council blog” and Steven Covey to “steven Covey foundation” 3.         Guest- Jackie Heron from Mathletics did a presentation on the Mathletics Software http://www.mathletics.ca/ -If school buys it, it is $12 per student rather than $99 for individuals -Jackie took us step by step, through the exciting world of Mathletics, including live on line math games played against students all over the world, avatars to create with winning credits, activities correlating to Ontario curriculum, parent and teacher reports, and a Free Two Week Trial. Jackie will be doing a presentation to teachers on Friday. 4.       Teacher’s Report -response for Fall Fair was great – Thank you to Neil and Ricky for making bucket-kids are enjoying filling it -November 27 or 28 is EQA night -$1000 raised for Terry Fox- first year goal was reached -Grade 4’s working on Halloween for Hunger. If children bring in non- perishable food items, then can go to the Haunted House. -Grade 1’s enjoyed field trip to Downey’s Farm -Grade 3 Classes doing well with “collaborative inquiry” hands on , centre based, self directed learning. -Grade 4 English doing “flipped Classes” where teachers videotape their lesson and put it on a private you tube channel for the students to watch at home. The students then come to school to do the “home work”, the hands on part. 5.       Principal’s and Vice Principal’s Report -EQAO results- whole province has gone down in Math, Ridgewood is up in reading and writing -Training for Parent Council Members November 28th 2013 at West Credit Elementary School, info found on Peel Website in Council Orientation – BYOD should be across school by January. Teachers have a safe place to keep devices when kids go out to play. Peel Board Website BYOD open to teachers and students, and is esier to access -General Mills is bringing Lunch to all students Free on October 28th -Kiss and Ride is now called “pro-active pick-up and drop off”. Parents must drop kids off before 8:35 am. Doors are locked at 8:35 so if you are late, you must go with your child to the front door, ring the buzzer, and sign them in late at the office. -Pro Grant of $1000- think about how we would like to spend it. 6.       MacMillan’s Fundraiser -a good portion of the proceeds stay at the school- we get the money up front -children get prizes from MacMillans -Need Volunteers for Pick up day, November 21st  from 11am (list will be on blog  https://ridgewoodcouncil.wordpress.com/) -class with most participants get a Pizza Party -Prizes for best sellers: First Prize = Tablet second prize = Robotic Fish PLEASE GET ALL ORDER FORMS IN ON TIME! DEADLINE OCTOBER 25th!  7.       Multicultural Feast November 14th -50/50 Draw or Raffle -maybe people can donate services like photography or massage (Sarah has a small business and can donate organic body care and/or sewn artworks), or a lunch with the principal -50/50 will be back up plan if raffle doesn’t come together 8.       School Uniforms Coming 8 out of 12 parents at the meeting voted yes! -will have survey for the rest of parents who weren’t at meeting -Yhojana suggested using school t-shirts and then everyone just wears the same colour of pants -sweatshirts available for cold days -start with t-shirts and gradually change to more uniform -maybe do Casual Mondays where students wear regular clothes -a few parents voiced opposition-cost and loss of self expression -MANY parents gave testimonials to the good of school uniforms-higher self esteem, less criminal activity like vandalism, school pride, takes focus off fashion and on to education 9. Street Party- Start Planning for June 19th (we will double check date) -open year end party to community -bring VIPS (mayor, superintendants) -charge restaurants and businesses to bring their product -candy apples, bbq items, pizzas -wrist bands for Ridgewood people- visitors pay more -Street Party Meeting to be held November 21st. 10. Adjourned reluctantly at 8:20pm. Thanks for attending, everyone!!!!!

MINUTES OF THE 19TH SEPTEMBER 2013 (first meeting of the school year)

Attendance: 17 parents: Mala Rancharan , Anne-Marie Russel,  Rakhee Dalal, Lalita Ansal, Veleka Maharajh, Ricky Ramcharan, Sarah McGaughey, Peter Mbugua, Jaime MacKinnon, Neil Nolan, Jacqueline D’Costa, Uma Arora, Fehmida Patel, Jyoti,Kohli ,Rae Ostrander, Kiran Maqsood ,Yhojana Toro Lopez , Noshaba Mahmood 3 staff members: Blaneet Singh, Principal; Rita Walker, Vice Principal; Terry Friedman, Special Ed teacher, teacher rep) Introductions: Everyone is attendance introduced themselves and explained their talent to better help decide who will do what. At the end of the minutes, there is a contact list including talent. Posts Filled: 2 Co-Chairs – Mala Ramcharan and Anne-Marie Russell Secretary– Sarah McGaughey Treasurer – Yhojana Toro Lopez and Fehmida Patel Volunteer Co-ordinator– Kiran Maqsood Parent Reps- Rae Ostrander, Ricky Ramcharan, Jamie MacKinnon, Valeka Maharajh ***I know there are more reps than this but did not get everyone’s names. If you are a rep (which means you filled out a self nomination form and are not listed in the above positions) please add your name above, and email to Sarah or just email Sarah with your full name and she will do it Teacher Rep: Terry Friedman Street Party Co-ordinators Light House: This school year, a member of the Steven Covey foundation will be attending in March 2012 to determine whether Ridgewood is ready to be a Lighthouse School. Mrs. Singh explained the Leader in Me philosophy and the 7 habits for the benefit of new parents. She also explained that she has an open door policy with parents who wish to discuss what their children are learning, but the parent council is not the place to bring up specific issues with the curriculum. Library Cafe:

  • The school is has a Library Cafe which will resume on the 10th October.
  • In January 2014 there will be a Library Cafe for the 7 Habits.

The time period for this will either at the Drop off or Pick up times. Mission This year the School is also focusing on each class having a mission- “We Empower Data”  “We Succeed Data” Council Blog: The school will start a Parent Council Blog – Sarah will do this, Yolanda can help. The blog will be organized immediately to help sort out volunteers for the fall Festival Take 3 In the principal’s report, Mrs. Singh explained the Take 3 Concept to help school enrolment and keep a positive environment. Take 3 minutes, share 3 great things about the school with 3 people in community. Street Party A community building and fundraising idea came about to have a street party. Jyoti Kohli and Kiran  Macsood volunteered to be co-ordinators.


  1. terryfriedmann


    This blog looks awesome! It is really taking shape and I love the humor in the posts. Great work!!!

    Thanks for posting the minutes. They are very detailed and thorough. I noticed just a couple small errors: EQA should be EQAO, and the multicultural fest is the multicultural feast. Otherwise the minutes look great, you captured all the important ideas.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Thanks Terry! Very helpful:) I’ve fixed it now.

  3. There is no third prize for MacMillians

  4. That explains it! Fixed that too:)

  5. Sarahj can you tell me when the next Council meeting is scheduled?

  6. let me check, I’m not sure right now…

  7. Not a problem

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