School Council Pro Grant

Hello Councillors:

We have the PRO (Parent Reaching Out) Grant that we need to use and the money can only be used on guest speakers coming into the school.  So far, we have 2 potential speakers.    As we find more speakers, we will blog their information so we can choose the speakers for the new year!

Understanding Your Kids Behaviour by Kate Jones MD

2 hours of fun filled learning
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Tailored to parents dealing with their kids at home
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Wonderful way to engage parents
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$500 + GST

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Special offer: Act now and receive 3 books by renowned authors!


Parenting Expert – Dr. C Sturdy

All presentations are professionally presented utilizing PowerPoint. They are typically 1 ¼ hr. in length with a 15min. Q & A following the session.

Most School Councils book evening presentations, but they may also be booked for weekends or throughout the day. School staff sessions on the same day are also presented at a 50% reduction when combined with a School Council session.

Dr. C. Sturdy is a professional speaker based in Toronto, ON, Canada. He is an author, father, teacher, former school principal and active community member.

Let us know your feedback on these two for now.

Thanks so much!


FOOD! Pizza Day and multicultural feast

Thursday December 4th will be our first parent council run Pizza day at Ridgewood. A slice of cheese pizza and a juice will be $2. We are ordering from Pizza Pizza. Students will bring their money on the day. We will order a  fixed amount ahead of time- I think we said 40. Then in the morning, teachers will ask for a show of hands for who has brought their money, and if we need more, we will order it then. We need volunteers for both first and second nutrition break. We will sell the pizza in the hall ways (maybe in the gym if it is free). Talk to our amazing fundrasing chair, Fehmida for more details.

Students have been asking for pizza and  this first pizza day could get  very busy. We need volunteers for both first and second nutrition break. Post here or contact Fehmida if you can help! We plan to do this once a month, on the first Thursday of the month.

Also the multicultural feast will be this Thursday! Don’t forget to come with a dish from your culture to share. Also volunteers are needed. Please speak up if you can help. We are going to do a little intro to parent council at the mic to show people who we are, interest new parents, and advertise pizza day!

IMPORTANT information for school council: Apply for a position on the board’s Parent Involvement Committee

Hi Everyone! Mrs. Singh asked me to pass this on. Please let us know if you are interested!


PIC Application Package 2014
IMPORTANT information for school council: Apply for a position on the board’s Parent Involvement Committee

The Peel District School Board’s Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) is currently accepting applications to fill one vacant parent position. The successful candidate will serve on the committee from January 2015 – Summer 2016.
Please visit for an application and selection criteria. A copy of the application is also attached. Submit your form to Judi Stephenson at no later than Dec. 12. If you have any questions, please contact the PIC co-chairs at
PIC meets regularly throughout the school year to review the board’s plans for parent involvement as they relate to parent, family and community engagement, and to make suggestions to schools, councils and the board regarding additional parent outreach.
As mandated by the ministry, the purpose of Peel board’s PIC is to:
  • support, encourage, and enhance meaningful parental involvement within schools and across the district, including, outreach to parents who find involvement more challenging
  • work collaboratively with the school board to support student success
  • seek out the advice and ideas of school councils, and other parents and partners as they plan and implement strategies to involve more parents at the regional level
  • ​develop strategies for enhancing parental engagement and outreach
To learn more about PIC, visit
IMPORTANT: If the email for your school council HAS NOT been set up for the 2014-15 school year, please forward this email to your school council chair and then set up the email address using the password welcome1. The school council email address is the ONLY email that the Peel board will use to communicate important information. We strongly encourage ALL school councils to use this email exclusively for official communication. If you need assistance setting up the email, please contact me at
All the best,
Anne-Marie Brown
Communications Officer
Peel District School Board
Office: 905-890-1010 ext. 2626
Mobile: 416-201-2863
T: @ambrownpr

Popcorn Sales for November

Hello All:

As for popcorn sales, I was in talks with the Fundraising Co-ordinator at Kernels who told me that the locations in Mississauga (and surrounding) are franchised so I would have to talk to the location directly for pricing.

Sherway’s manager never called back (even with me leaving a few messages).  I was at Bramalea and they do have the monster bags ($19.99 for the first and $10 for the second).

If we are looking to only sell for one day, we sold 4.5 bags the last time (Cost of  bags approx $90 (I can’t remember how much money we made the last time).

  1. Let me know if we will be having a sale this November ( I have to give 2 days notice)
  2. Let me know if you want me to order 4 bags or 6 bags ( to make it more cost efficient).

(Maybe we can order 6 bags – run it for one day and see how the sales are and depending on what is left over, we can run it the next day but just for the one nutrition break.)

Anyhoots, let me know



November 5, 2014 Meeting Minutes

Purpose:                         School Council Meeting to discuss the year’s agenda

Outcome:                      Agreed that future meetings will commence at 6:30pm

The School Council has an email address Mrs Singh to give Kiran and Sarah the pswd

Mrs. Singh presented a copy of the budget of what money has been collected over the last 6 years and what the funds were spent on.  Most of the money was spent on Technology and Leader in Me.

Upcoming Events: Survey for School Council – will be released on Nov 12 (Mrs. Singh to send the link).  To be completed by November 28

Leadership Day for Parents – Mon, April 27, 2015 and for                         Educators Thurs, April 30 2015

Multicultural Night – Thurs, November 27, 2014

Bingo (Family Fun Night) – April 9, 2015

Issue: Safety Issues with the Kiss and Ride.  Major auto infractions (not wearing seat belts, people on the phone)


  • All of us to take turns calling the Parking Authority and filing complaints about the area being too congested and causing major safety concerns

Issue: We need a fundraiser chair

Outcome: Fehmida Patel was voted to be chair


Issue:  What will we support to raise funds for the year

Outcome: We’ve chosen Backyard Bash, Popcorn and One More

Issue: Community Partnership            

Outcome: Looking at Samsung and Walmart

Issue: Uniforms

Outcomes: 85% of surveyed parents need to agree for it to be a go.  Jamie to re-word letter to send out as the survey.  Possibly a logo that can either be stitched on or ironed on.

Issue: Backyard Bash

Outcomes: First Meeting is January 15, 2015.  We are looking for a BBQ system donation to be kept on the property

Issue: Lost and Found

Suggestions: Do a school wide communication about the lost and found.  Create a fundraiser for the lost and found articles.

Great Start Conference:

Veleka talked about the Gaming Permit, only use the email addresses handed by the board

Sarah talked about the new Bullying initiative (conflict mgmt.) and technology

< LINK >

Popcorn: We would like to sell popcorn once a month at the two nutrition breaks: 10:40am – 11:00am and 1:20pm – 1:40pm. Fehmida, Marion and Nithika to help sell.  Veleka to contact Kernels about pricing.

Parent Engagement Fund:

  • $500.00 –  In the past, we put this amount towards the babysitting when we have school council meetings or other afterschool activities that require a babysitter. We have agreed to put  some of it towards the pizza at the Multicultural event being held on Nov 27 (which we also did in the past).
  • $1,000 – the 2014/2015 application was already received. We need to find more information about what we can use this for. It has been typically used for parent education (speakers and workshops on discipline, or math or helping our children in some way), and if we would like to use it on that again, we have to figure out who we will get to come in.

Our Blog:

Next Meeting:   Thursday, Feb 26, 2015 @ 6:30pm

Thursday Apr 2, 2015 @ 6:30pm

June 4, 2015 @ 6:30pm

Pizza Sales

Hello Everybody

We need your feedback, your thoughts, your input. Yes, you, because you are important!

So here’s the scoop:

At our last meeting (for which minutes should be posted by tomorrow, so stay tuned), Fehmida was elected fundraising chair.

She would like to try selling pizza at the school, just from the hallway like we sold popcorn. She has been asking about it in the comment section, but seeing as no one has replied, she asked me to post it 🙂 She would like to start next week. I suggest she also sell the leftover popcorn at the same time. She will need a volunteer to help.

Here’s her idea;

“If we order Ten pizzas (each has 10 slices) its $78.50 plus $3.50 delivery)so and $82.00. If we sell one slice for $2.00 we can earn $200.00. I know not much profit..but less work. We can find out parents or small business who can sponsor such sale (Like give $100.00 towards pizza or popcorn purchase…)..let me know what you all think.

We can do the Pizza Pizza next Friday. We need to order a day or so before. As mentioned earlier, 1 large Cheese Pizza (10 slices) is ($7.85 incl. tax). Also if we buy 10 pizza we get 1 Free volunteer pizza. (to order online and use club 11-11 card) .Plus the Pizza pizza store on Gore-way drive can give us free Pizza Birthday Card (1 slice and 1 drink free) for all students whose birthday is in November. Mrs Singh will have to give list of students (Nov Birthdays). Please let me know.”

I think we should make sure it gets on the Ridgewood morning news if we go ahead with it. Also does anyone know a company who would sponsor the sale? And is anyone willing to volunteer? I might be able to, but I just have to check. I also wonder if we may need more than 10 pizzas, as there are almost 800 kids. I’ll ask Mrs. Singh how many subs are usually sold.

Agenda for Wednesday November 5th’s council meeting

Here’s what’s on for tomorrow night (Wednesday November 5th at 6pm) ! See you all there (At Ridgewood School, library)!

(Click on this to open the agenda 🙂 ridgewood-council- Novemeber 2014 Agenda


School Council Meeting on Nov 5/2014



Just a reminder – the school council meeting will be held on Wednes, Nov 5, 2014 at 6pm in the library. Sarah will try to post the agenda before the meeting.



Agenda for meeting on November 5th

HI Everyone!

The date of our next meeting is Wednesday November 5th. I’ll post the time soon, likely 6 or 6:30pm.  Please bring other interested parents with you:)

We will be working on the agenda to release a week before hand. Please let Sarah, Kiran or Veleka know if you have anything to add to the agenda- or comment below to tell us!

We will be attending a parent council training night next Thursday and I’m sure some topics will come up there as well.

So far on the agenda (from my brain- there is likely more from others):

Action plan for the year

Our own code of ethics and bylaws for Ridgewood School Council – maybe make a committee to do this

Adding a position of fundraising chair

Backyard Bash

Uniforms- do we want to survey again this year? Do we want to continue with the idea of something simple like school colours?




Popcorn – Oct 22



The sales are going fantastically and the kids are loving it (unfortunately, we ran short on Thursday). On Thursday, we did $133.70 in sales (yay us!)


We will be running another popcorn sale on Wednes, Oct 22 (Only).   I’ve order 5 Party Monster bags for $60.   If there any volunteers that can help with the sale (during nutrition breaks), please let us know. Also send money with your children and tell people about it. $1 per bag, available at both nutrition breaks.


Thanks so much!!!!