Just a reminder of the Backyard Bash meeting tomorrow night at 6:30PM.

Please be on time!



The backyard bash meeting that was scheduled for last night has been postponed until February 19, 2015 at 6:30pm.  Apparently, there was some confusion with the time.

Backyard Bash Meeting Agenda – February 11, 2015; 6:00pm



February 11, 2015



  1. Welcome Kiran


  1. Action Items from previous meeting
    1. Banner/Flyer/Newsletter Blurb                                     Anne-Marie
    2. Samples of chick peas cakes                                             Fahima
    3. Wristband Quote                                                                Anne-Marie
    4. Pricing for Flyers                                                               Mrs.  Singh
    5. Quote for DJ                                                                       Ricky
    6. BBQ (Home Depot, Lowes, Cdn Tire)                             Ricky
    7. List of parents re: contacting companies                        Fahima
    8. List of new businesses in Westwood                               Fahima
    9. City of Mississauga- Permitt                                            Anne-Marie


  1. Response from Donors                                                               Anne-Marie
    1. Pillers
    2. Ice River
    3. Crescent                                                                             Fahima
    4. Samosas                                                                             Fahima
    5. Suggestions                                                                        all


  1. Other Business                                                                           Kiran
  2. Adjournment

Confirmed donors so far for BASH


Lickin Chicken

Ice River Water


**they are donating over $1300 worth of product


Backyard Bash Meeting Dates

Here are the upcoming dates for the Backyard Bash meetings.



6:30pm in the Library


February                        11

March                            12

April                                 2

May                                 7

May                                21

June                                 4

June                                11

Hope to see you there.

Popcorn Sale Tomorrow

Hi All:


Neal/Jamie:  Were you able to contact Poppa Corn for pricing on the popcorn?


All:  Should we run a popcorn sale tomorrow/Thursday?  I’m home for the week and am able to help out.  Also, if we are unable to get the popcorn from Poppa Corn – should we consult Kernels?


Let me know – just alittle something to get the kids excited!!!!!

Meeting Minutes Jan 22 2015

Meeting – Jan 22, 2015

Purpose:                         School Council Meeting

Outcome:                      General conversation, some Backyard Bash


Upcoming Events: Survey for School Council to fill out on homework. To be completed by School Council members by Jan 23, 2015 – midnight.

Report Cards – Feb 6, 2015. If you would like to discuss your child’s progress with their teacher, you will have to request it directly, as there will not be a designated date/time for this.

Black History Month – all of February. Once approved, a calendar will be distributed with the February newsletter with all of the dates for each of the events

Ridgewood will be changing the DAP in the morning to feature Indo-Caribbean songs

Chinese New Year- activities are planned

Skating Trips – scheduled for the month of Feb for Grades 1-5.

Leadership in Me Café – starting Feb 5, running every Thursday during the day

Leadership Day for Parents – Mon, April 27, 2015 and for                        Educators Thurs, April 30 2015


Issue (Update): Safety Issues with the Kiss and Ride. Major auto infractions (not wearing seat belts, people on the phone)

  • Parking Enforcement has been at the school twice to issue tickets. There will be a walk to school day in Feb. All students are encouraged to engage.


Popcorn: Next week, we are considering to do a popcorn sale. Neal and Jamie have a location that supplies Kernels and will find out the pricing.


Alison Parsons – Leader in Me:

  • On our way to being a “Lighthouse” school
  • Either this year or next year we will be a “Lighthouse” school – 46% there. Evidence needs to be uploaded
  • Mar 9 – everything needs to be completed
  • Apr 9 – The “Leader in Me” reps will be coming in
  • Ridgewood was asked to attend the “Leader in Me” conference in Michigan. Mrs. Singh and 2 leaders from the “Student Lighthouse” team will be attending. They will be presenting on the topic of “Student Lighthouse” team. They submitted the topic and it was approved


Lighthouse Leaders: we ask that they attend some of the Parent Council meetings


Donations: We requested Fehmida ask for donations and sponsorships for the year from local businesses in the area.

Pizza: due to the amount of work for the profit, we are holding off on pizza sales but are considering changing the process to make it a little bit more efficient


Parent Engagement Fund:

  • We voted on the speakers that we would like to come in to speak to the parents. The speakers are the two speakers on the blog
  • Understanding Your Kids Behaviour by Kate Jones MD
  • Parenting Expert – Dr. C Sturdy

Mrs.Eckel to confirm the dates.

Backyard Bash:

  • Decided that a parent volunteer needs to supervise the student volunteers. 1:5 ratio
  • Have a campaign to have the faces painted during the day to alleviate the amount of children having their faces painted in the afternoon
  • Popcorn was a big hit so we will do it again, but this time, have the already popped popcorn
  • Suggestions for older children (grade 4 and 5) activities. Will employ the games better
  • As for a DJ, we thought we would get an IPOD and hook it up to the speakers. Ask one of the high school students to list the songs that they would like to play and have it approved by council.
  • The teachers will consider money saving/budgeting initiatives for the children to save up for the Backyard Bash
  • Have the student volunteers attend a meeting for the Bash beforehand so they know what to expect and be a bit more prepared


Our Blog:

Next Meeting:   Thursday, Feb 26, 2015 @ 6:30pm

Thursday Apr 2, 2015 @ 6:30pm

June 4, 2015 @ 6:30pm


January 14, 2015


B. Singh

1  Welcome
The meeting began at 6:10pm

2  The results of the 2014 Bash:
Expenses: $3,152.16 Profit: $4,413.01

3 Date
The 2015 Backyard Bash will be on June 12, 2015. Because of number of school and community based activities, there will be no rain date.

Times will be the same as last year.

4 Budget
Budget will be available at the next meeting.

5 Food
Focus for product donations should be on businesses in Mississauga.

6 A) BBQ
I. Menu: Hamburger (regular/veggie), Hotdogs (halal/veggie/ regular), Samosas, Doubles, chick peas cakes, Sausage (regular/halal), patties     (regular/veggie), Lickin Chicken.

II. Fahima to bring samples of chick peas cakes and speak to Lickin Chicken re: their contribution

III. Anne-Marie to speak to Mala re: donating doubles.

IV. Ricky will be making dividers for the lines leading up to the BBQ to prevent people from crowding the BBQs.

V. Food tickets to be used once again for food purchases.

VI. Ricky to contact: Lowes, Home Depot and Canadian Tire: BBQ grill donation. Letter to follow to contact person.

VII. Monies made from in-school school council events can be used for the purchase of a grill if a donation cannot be acquired.

7  Games/Prize/DJ
Games from 2014 will be used. Prizes not be purchased, they were an extra expense and children were happy just playing the games.

Face Painting: children will only be given 3 choices (pictures will be posted). The reason being, it will allow for faces paintings to be done quickly.  Henna will be done the same way. All designs will be simple and can be done quickly.

The quote from Adventure Mania for: Baseball Game, Module (7 in 1), Scooby Doo bouncer, Soccer Game, Cotton Candy Machine, generator, extra gas (x2) is $1750.00. Discount of $260.33 was applied.

Petting Zoo
Ricky to investigate the possibility of getting a “free” petting zoo and what it will entail.

Ricky recommended we get a DJ this year to help provide entertainment, and promote sponsors. Ricky to get quote from student studying to be a DJ.

8 Banner/Flyers/Wristbands
Cost of the banner will $80 not including delivery. Anne-Marie/Kiran to design banner and flyers. Blurb re: the Bash to be included in every month’s newsletter. Having company logos and names on banner is a great way to get donations. Anne-Marie/Fahima/Kiran to discuss fundraising for the Bash. Pricing for printing of flyers (through the Peel Board of Ed.) should be the same.

Wristbands: Anne-Marie to get quote for wristbands from CanadaTickets with the Ridgewood logo and year on it. Quote should be for 2000 which will include what can be used for 2015 fall fair. Will be available at next meeting.

9  Volunteers
Kiran stated that more adult volunteers will be needed. Fifty adults and 100 students were used in 2014. Anne-Marie suggested we approach companies that state that their employees volunteer at community events. A volunteer coordinator is required.

10  Permit for Ridgewood Park
Anne-Marie/Kiran to contact City of Mississauga with date.

11   Entertainment
Imran & Nasheen to coordinate entertainment. Families with children that want to provide entertainment can sign up ahead of time so that an organized time table can be put together.

12   Next Meeting
Bash to be every second Wednesday of each month. Mrs. Singh to post dates on school calendars.


Budget                                                                            Anne-Marie/Kiran
Banner/Flyer/Newsletter Blurb Design                   Anne-Marie
Samples of chick peas cakes                                       Fahima
Wristband quote                                                          Anne-Marie/Kiran
Pricing for flyers                                                          Mrs. Singh
Volunteer Coordinator – NEEDED
Quote for DJ                                                                       Ricky
Response from Lowes, Home Depot, Canadian Tire    Ricky
Contact Lickin Chicken re: donation                               Fahima
Contact Crescent re: donation                                         Fahima
List of parents re: contacting their companies about donations                   Fahima
List of new businesses in Westwood Mall re: donations                                Fahima
Contact City of Mississauga re: permit                                                            Anne-Marie/Kiran

List of Bash Meeting Dates                                                                                Mrs. Singh

Pizza Day and more!

pizza catWe did our first pizza day! Yaaay! Thanks to all the volunteers and office staff for making this happen! Fehmida, our fundraising chair did an amazing job. We had help from Deb, Harjeet, Nikhita, Les and Marion, and Ms. Reid, Archina  and Mrs. Singh too! Thank you so much.

I don’t have the final numbers but when I left, we had made $197.44 profit.

We ordered 40 pizzas ahead of time ($314), then 3 more (23.56) to cover those who didn’t get any at first break. Juice was $62 and we have some left over for next time. Our count after first nutrition break was $597.00, which after expenses is 197.44 profit. Les and Marion, do you have the latest numbers? Thank you again for staying when the rest of us were tired out:)

Since this was our first monthly pizza day, we had a little talk about how to make it run smoother. Here’s the scoop!

-There will be a parent volunteer in the office from 9 am to field questions and the number call ins so the office staff doesn’t have an increased workload.

-2 parent volunteers will be kindergarten waiters and handle the 7 kindie rooms in their classes.

-Marion is scouring flyers for juice sales- will buy in bulk so we have it in the school

-Sarah will compose a letter to the teachers explaining how the pizza day works (with students keeping their own money and coming to the gym, and a slice  and juice being $2 with no variation)

-We will look into (Mrs. Singh approved this) other pizza places like Ali’s and Mogas to get a better price.

-We will remind Mrs.Singh on Sunday prior to do a synervoice message.

– we will order 45 pizzas in advance, then at 9am collect numbers (from show of hands in classroom) to see if we need more, but we will only sell at one nutrition break, rather than both.

Also one of the teachers was saying they had been thinking of doing a pizza day to raise money for special needs classes, and I wondered if we could just direct some of the money we made toward that. Does everyone agree?

Also if you are able to volunteer for pizza day, let us know. Unless there are conflicting events, we will do it the first Thursday of every month.

One more thing, I’m sad and sorry to say that I must already let go of my post as co-chair. I really appreciate all of your confidence and support, but due to a number of unforeseen events, I just don’t have the time. As I explained at the pizza day, my life just exploded, as life is prone to do sometimes! I will still see you around and will help when I can and come to meetings when ever possible.

Talk to you soon, Sarah


Important Dates in December


Some important dates in December

Thurs, Dec 14  – Pizza Day ($2/slice and a juice box)

Wednes, Dec 10 – Grade 2 and 3 Concert Rehearsal @ 9am (Tickets on sale during 1st nutrition break)

Wednes, Dec 10 – Grade 4 and 5 Concert Rehearsal @11am (Tickets on sale during 2nd nutrition break)

Thurs, Dec 11 – Grade 2 and 3 Concert @ 6pm to 7pm (Tickets on sale during 1st nutrition break)

Thurs, Dec 11 – Grade 4 and 5 Concert @ 7:30pm to 8:30pm (Tickets on sale during 2nd nutrition break)

Mon, Dec 22 to Fri, Jan 2 – Winter Break Holiday


Please fell free to let me know if there are any dates that I missed


Thanks so much!