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Ridgewood Council Backyard Bash Meeting

Jun 5, 2014

Attendance: Anne Marie, Valeka, Achina, Neil, Marion, Jaime, Ricky, Kiran, Noshaba.


  • Popcorn Machine-Anne Marie shared that Mississauga City Councillor, Bonnie Crombie, could not attend but she offered a popcorn machine for the day of the event. Ricky will pick up the popcorn machine.
  • Large Menu-Jaime showedthe large printed version of the menu items she designed. She will make an additional sign for popcorn ($1) and remove “veggie” from the Caribbean Patty sign.
  • Volunteers-Achina indicated that many of the volunteers at Malton Neighbourhood Services are also looking for volunteer hours. She will share our event and see if any volunteers are interested. Volunteer information will be forwarded to Marion and Kiran. Marion will call the Catholic high school and confirm the number of volunteers that are available from there. Mrs. Singh indicated that 4 teachers agree to volunteer also.
  • Elementary School Wristbands-Marion indicated that 3 elementary schools indicated that they are holding their own event the day before the Bash, therefore, a high volume of pre-sales are not expected from these schools.
  • Piller’s Donation-Neil will travel to Waterloo the morning of the event to pick up the donation of hot dogs (288) and sausages (96) and a banner.
  • Sausage Buns-We have a donation of 96 sausages and 75 sausage buns. Anne-Marie will ask if the bakery will donate more buns to match the total.
  • Lowes-Anne-Marie has a co-worker that used to work at Lowes and she will see about getting drinks (water and juice) by the skid.
  • Propane-Neil will get propane donated from his work.
  • Costco-Rose will go to Costco and purchase napkins, paper towels condiments for the event.
  • Cleaning Supplies-Valeka will supply wipes and vinegar/water for cleaning.
  • Portables-Neil will arrange portable toilets through Chantler’s who had quoted $100 each. It is preferable if they can arrange to invoice the school.
  • Cash and Food Stations-Valeka will oversee the cash and food area. Volunteers will be assigned to help as needed.
  • Henna- Achina will oversee the table and volunteers for Henna. At a previous meeting Mrs. Singh agreed to arrange Henna supplies.
  • Media Releases/Publicity-Anne Marie has completed the media release and is researching more sites to post it on. Anne-Marie will bring the flyer to Westwood Mall for posting on the community board. Closer to the event, flyers will be posted around Malton. Sarah will handle media at the event.
  • Volunteer Name Tags and Council ID Tags-Anne Marie completed the name tags for volunteers and will complete ID tags for School Council and VIPs.
  • First Aid-Anne Marie indicated the First Aid post has been arranged.
  • Volunteer Sign-up Table-Kiran and Marion will run the volunteer sign up table. They will pass out meal vouchers to volunteers signing up for a double shift.
  • Cash Overflow-Mala will be responsible for handling cash overflow during the event.
  • General Donation Box-A general donation box will be set up by Anne-Marie.
  • Walk About-The Council walked around outside and discussed where things would be set-up. The inflatables will be set up around the soccer field as the City of Mississauga indicated they want them weighted down versus staked. Food and sales tables will be set up outside of the gym.


Chart for Tasks:


Item: Qty: From: Who will arrange: Pick up:
Burgers, Beef/Veggie 150/50 M&M Meats Neil Neil
Hot dogs/Sausage 288/96 Piller’s Anne-Marie Neil
Ice 20 bags Arctic Glacier Neil Neil
Portables 2 Chantler’s Neil Delivered
Propane Neil Neil
Hot dogs, Halal 144 Crescent Fehmida Marion
Samosas 400 Samosa Factory Noshaba Marion
Buns, Burgers 200 Weston Marion Marion
Buns, Hotdogs 456 Weston Marion Marion
Buns for Sausages 75 (need 96) Stonehouse Anne-Marie Anne-Marie
Drinks, Juice 500 Lowes Anne-Marie Anne-Marie
Drinks, Water 500 Lowes Anne-Marie Anne-Marie
Patties, Beef 48 Steven’s Anne-Marie Ricky
Caribbean Delights TBD Anne-Marie Ricky
Popcorn Machine Bonnie Crombie Ricky
Ketchup, 4L 1 Costco Rose
Mustard, 4L 1 Costco Rose
Napkins 1000 Costco Rose
Paper Towel Costco Rose
Cleaning Supplies Valeka
Henna Mrs. Singh
Tattoos & Supplies Jaime Jaime
Facepaint Supplies Jaime Jaime
Signage/Décor Jaime Jaime
Tickets Jaime Jaime




A Meeting Will be Scheduled for the Week Prior to the Meeting

ridgewood-council-march-minutes (1)

Ridgewood Public School   BACKYARD BASH meeting   March 27th 6:30 pm   Minutes   Attendance: 7 people

  1. School Fun Day – Mr.G is the teacher is coordinating
  1. Volunteers
    1. Still looking for Boy Scouts/Girl Guides groups to volunteer-willt ry to finish by 2nd week in April – Kiran and Jaime
    2. Sarah is working on a schedule for the day so people can fill in which jobs they are doing at what time. (due date April 13th)
  1. Wrist bands
    1. June 2nd we will send out application forms to other schools and Ridgewood for wristbands


  • remind Ms. Walker to talk to principles in area


  1. Rides – Adventure Mania                                                                Jamie
    1. Volunteers (will discuss more when list is made)
    2. Deposit – need to check with Jaime when one needs to be submitted.
    3. Setup/tear down time

need to confirm with Jaime what time inflatables arrive

  1. Layout, where will rides go

The City is resodding the field and hopes to be done by the time of the bash. We cannot set up rides on the soccer fields.  Certificate of Insurance needed.  Anne-Marie

  1. Games

We will use tickets for games and sell them for 25 cents each or 4 for $1. Valeka is in charge of tickets.   Neil and Jaime will make games

  1. prizes

Neil and Jaime will go to a wholesale dollar store outlet to get pricing.

  1. Flyers                                                                                            Yojahana
    1. Distribution date to schools

We haven’t heard from Yojana-Mrs. Singh has placed a called.  We will have to make a decision by the next Council meeting.

  1. Facebook- Valeka will make a page (done! Thank youJ) Now we should all go like” it and link to it. (insert link to page here)
  1. Food                                                                                             ALL
    1. Pick up of meat from Pillars- Neil

Fehmida is looking in into Halal meat

  1. Pick up of buns – Neil?

Dempster’s donation –   Valeka will get back to us by April 13   Sarah is calling various Toronto bakeries   Sarah will ask Costco for reg. burgers and veggie burgers.  Mrs. Singh has freezies   Fehmida will pick up Samosas on the day of the bash. Also she is asking people in her neighbourhood about patties (they make them).  Reminder that proper food storage is important!   We have confirmation from one carribean food vendor called ____________(??)

  1. DJ                                                                                                 Anne
    1. List of songs needed

Please ask your children what songs they would like and post on the blog by commenting at

  1. VIP letters                                                                                      Mrs. Walker

Waiting on replies from VIP letters. Fehmida will try to talk to Bonnie Crombie

  1. Donors


  • Tim’s has donated Tassimo machine,
  • Walmart has donated a $100 gift card
  • we need to go back to Freshco in May when they have their new donation budget (sarah will do this and ask for water and juice)
  1. Community Booths- no response back except for PLASP

Sarah will take Anne-Marie’s list and do follow up     Red= Action Point. If your name is in red, you need to take action on something 🙂



We received an email from Piller’s stating that they are willing do donate 288 hotdogs and 192 Sausages to the Bash.  However, we will need to pick it up.  Is anyone available to pick these up closer to the event date?  The address is 250 Frobisher Drive in Waterloo.  They are open 8am-4pm Monday through Friday.   I am willing to pay $50 towards gas to have this done.  Please let me know – I would hate to have us turn down this donation.

Veleka, anything on the Weston Bakery donation.  If not a donation a discount?


stuffed animals/novelty items needed


Just got an idea (don’t worry not too dangerous).  Does anyone have a contact with a company that distributes/makes novelty items and or stuffed bears?  These would be great items for prizes at the Bash.  Or if you have gone to Wonderland/CNE/Ontario place last year, can you take a look at the tag of the bear that you won and let me know who manufactured it?


Fundraising Ideas to help host the Bash


Veleka, came up with the idea of doing some fundraising to help with the costs of running this event and if we don’t get donations, a way to pay for the product we may have to purchase.

Take a look and let me know what you think.  And if someone can run this fundraiser it would be great! – we can do this sort of idea for Easter***this one may be better for Ridgewood

Summary of BB Meeting Feb. 6, 2014


Thanks to everyone that was able to come out.  Sarah, hope your feeling better!


1 Times of the Bash – 3:30pm to 8:00pm  Ridgewood teachers will be responsible for the fun fair being attended by students.  We will need volunteers for the day to help set up the later part of the day.

2. Wristbands – application form for other schools completed.  We will have two colours and one imprint (name of the Presenting sponsor).  Yhojana will do tabulations.

3.  We will be using Adventure Mania, Jamie will book.

4. Sill waiting for cost of printing flyers from Mrs. Singh – Cost is .78 cents per copy

6. VIP letters need to be updated with new date.  Anne-Marie will have letters to Mrs. Walker on Monday

7.  We have 3 confirmed donations.  Sponsorship packages are going out.  Veleka is still waiting to hear from her contact at Maple Leaf Foods.  She will let us know.  M&M Meats has donated $50 which can be used towards the purchase of some items.

8.  Vendor/Display applications will be posted.  Please distribute to anyone you may know of that may want to participate.

9.  The City will be re-sodding the large soccer field on the other side of the school.  They will be starting end of April and are aiming to finish the early part of June.  If not, we will utilize the areas of the school.  The City will need Proof of Insurance before issuing a permit for that area.  No permit will be required for the school’s grounds.

11. Noise by-law – we are hoping that it is 11pm, but Mala is double checking.

12.  Meeting next month, date to be determined.

Agenda for Thursdays Meeting


Here is the agenda for this Thursday’s meeting at 6:30pm. Please Print it off if you can.

If you click on the Blue works below, you will get a WORD copy that may be easier for you to print. Thanks all! See you soon:)

Agenda for feb 2014 meeting

Backyard Bash Meeting
February 6, 2014
6:30pm – 7:30pm SHARP

1. Welcome Anne-Marie
2. Times of the Bash Anne-Marie
3. Wristbands Anne-Marie
a. Application Form
b. Incentive for other schools
4. Games Jamie
a. Deposit required? When?
b. Adventure Mania
5. Flyers
a. Cost of printing Mrs. Singh
6. VIP Letters
a. Have they gone out? Mrs. Walker
7. Donations/Sponsorships Anne-Marie
a. replies
8. Food Vendor Application Anne-Marie
9. Display Application Forms Anne-Marie
10. Permits Anne-Marie
11. Noise by-laws Anne-Marie
12. Other Business/Adjournment/Next Meeting Date

Friendly Reminder


Our next meeting for the backyard bash is fast approaching!

Thursday Feb 6th

 6:30pm – 7:30pm

at Ridgewood School Library

If you had said you would do a job, you should do it and the report at  the meeting:) If you are unsure if you said you would do a job, look at the minutes above (in the pink/red tab that says past council minutes).

Also we need to tell the Black History Teachers if we can help them-so far it looks like we can’t:( If you can volunteer for that, please speak up and comment on the blog.

We also still need your opinion for some decisions on posts below. Please comment with your opinion. It’s fun! Plus on the blog, you can’t see anyone shaking their head at you, and no one can interrupt:) Win Win!


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