Sarah’s Report for Backyard Bash Meeting

Hi Everyone!

I can’t be at the meeting tonight so here’s the scoop on what I’ve been doing for Backyard Bash.

I sent the press release to Charity Village, Now Magazine (who replied and said we are too far away), Kijiji, snapd, and craigslist, Snapd will be sending a photographer around 5pm at the event. I lost my list of who to send to, so that was all I was able to do.

I have been painting children and myself to make a large sample board so people can chose their design while waiting in line. It will say something like “Please choose one of these designs before you reach the face painter” I am also making 4-6 small versions for the face painters to work from. These will need to be laminated-can that be done at the school?  Here are some of the pictures. I need some help choosing between the 2 batman designs and the 2 butterflies, and 2 Rex the lions.

.rainbow starcupcakecrown

All of the above can be for boys or girls. I just don’t have any boys near me to paint on! And next are the choices.

Rex 1rex 1or Rex 2rex 2

If we decide on Rex 1, I’ll try to redo it on a child’s face so it doesn,t look as creepy.

Batman 1

batman 1 or Batman 2?IMG_5678

If you choose 1, I’ll do it again to clear up the lines and I’ll redo 2 on a child because it looks creepy on me again. Sigh, I’m getting old!

Butterfly 1 butterfly 1or Butterfly 2IMG_5669

I can train face painters on how to paint these designs on Tuesday June 9th, in the daytime ( noon or 1pm) or evening or both.

Also does anyone have a large water cooler? The face painting area needs access to water to clean the brushes.

I think I said I would post the volunteer list on line but I couldn’t remember how so that didn’t happen. I can come around 9am on the 12th to help set up. I wont be available the days prior except Tuesday because I am starting a new job.

Please comment below to answer my questions and make your choice. Thanks everyone!

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