Backyard Bash Meeting Agenda – February 11, 2015; 6:00pm



February 11, 2015



  1. Welcome Kiran


  1. Action Items from previous meeting
    1. Banner/Flyer/Newsletter Blurb                                     Anne-Marie
    2. Samples of chick peas cakes                                             Fahima
    3. Wristband Quote                                                                Anne-Marie
    4. Pricing for Flyers                                                               Mrs.  Singh
    5. Quote for DJ                                                                       Ricky
    6. BBQ (Home Depot, Lowes, Cdn Tire)                             Ricky
    7. List of parents re: contacting companies                        Fahima
    8. List of new businesses in Westwood                               Fahima
    9. City of Mississauga- Permitt                                            Anne-Marie


  1. Response from Donors                                                               Anne-Marie
    1. Pillers
    2. Ice River
    3. Crescent                                                                             Fahima
    4. Samosas                                                                             Fahima
    5. Suggestions                                                                        all


  1. Other Business                                                                           Kiran
  2. Adjournment

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