Popcorn Sale Tomorrow

Hi All:


Neal/Jamie:  Were you able to contact Poppa Corn for pricing on the popcorn?


All:  Should we run a popcorn sale tomorrow/Thursday?  I’m home for the week and am able to help out.  Also, if we are unable to get the popcorn from Poppa Corn – should we consult Kernels?


Let me know – just alittle something to get the kids excited!!!!!



  1. Anonymous

    Hi every one! my daughter is off tomorrow and she can come to help Veleka as well.

  2. Lets do it tomorrow. I can help you out too.

  3. Hi All:

    If we are all of with it, I will go ahead and order(pick up) from Kernels today for selling tomorrow (Jan 29).

    I will order 4 bags (if I can remember, 6 was too much). We can run it as a one day sale. The cost for the 4 bags will be approx. $80.

    If I can have an announcement made today for tomorrow, as well as a synermessage – that would be awesome!

    Please let me know!


  4. Poppa Corn Corp: 1-800-268-5706, Address: 5135 Creekbank Rd, Unit C, Mississauga


    This is the Poppa Corn contact info. We were going to drop by on the weekend to talk to them about a deal for schools but it is closed Sat and Sun! I will ask Neil to drop over after his work through the week…do we have a new school/donation letter available that he can take with him? In case they need paperwork to give us a deal?

    Thanks, Jaime

    • Anonymous

      Yay!!!! You guys are awesome and so is the team of parents that are willing to volunteer. If you need anything from me, let me know!!!!


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