Meeting Minutes Jan 22 2015

Meeting – Jan 22, 2015

Purpose:                         School Council Meeting

Outcome:                      General conversation, some Backyard Bash


Upcoming Events: Survey for School Council to fill out on homework. To be completed by School Council members by Jan 23, 2015 – midnight.

Report Cards – Feb 6, 2015. If you would like to discuss your child’s progress with their teacher, you will have to request it directly, as there will not be a designated date/time for this.

Black History Month – all of February. Once approved, a calendar will be distributed with the February newsletter with all of the dates for each of the events

Ridgewood will be changing the DAP in the morning to feature Indo-Caribbean songs

Chinese New Year- activities are planned

Skating Trips – scheduled for the month of Feb for Grades 1-5.

Leadership in Me Café – starting Feb 5, running every Thursday during the day

Leadership Day for Parents – Mon, April 27, 2015 and for                        Educators Thurs, April 30 2015


Issue (Update): Safety Issues with the Kiss and Ride. Major auto infractions (not wearing seat belts, people on the phone)

  • Parking Enforcement has been at the school twice to issue tickets. There will be a walk to school day in Feb. All students are encouraged to engage.


Popcorn: Next week, we are considering to do a popcorn sale. Neal and Jamie have a location that supplies Kernels and will find out the pricing.


Alison Parsons – Leader in Me:

  • On our way to being a “Lighthouse” school
  • Either this year or next year we will be a “Lighthouse” school – 46% there. Evidence needs to be uploaded
  • Mar 9 – everything needs to be completed
  • Apr 9 – The “Leader in Me” reps will be coming in
  • Ridgewood was asked to attend the “Leader in Me” conference in Michigan. Mrs. Singh and 2 leaders from the “Student Lighthouse” team will be attending. They will be presenting on the topic of “Student Lighthouse” team. They submitted the topic and it was approved


Lighthouse Leaders: we ask that they attend some of the Parent Council meetings


Donations: We requested Fehmida ask for donations and sponsorships for the year from local businesses in the area.

Pizza: due to the amount of work for the profit, we are holding off on pizza sales but are considering changing the process to make it a little bit more efficient


Parent Engagement Fund:

  • We voted on the speakers that we would like to come in to speak to the parents. The speakers are the two speakers on the blog
  • Understanding Your Kids Behaviour by Kate Jones MD
  • Parenting Expert – Dr. C Sturdy

Mrs.Eckel to confirm the dates.

Backyard Bash:

  • Decided that a parent volunteer needs to supervise the student volunteers. 1:5 ratio
  • Have a campaign to have the faces painted during the day to alleviate the amount of children having their faces painted in the afternoon
  • Popcorn was a big hit so we will do it again, but this time, have the already popped popcorn
  • Suggestions for older children (grade 4 and 5) activities. Will employ the games better
  • As for a DJ, we thought we would get an IPOD and hook it up to the speakers. Ask one of the high school students to list the songs that they would like to play and have it approved by council.
  • The teachers will consider money saving/budgeting initiatives for the children to save up for the Backyard Bash
  • Have the student volunteers attend a meeting for the Bash beforehand so they know what to expect and be a bit more prepared


Our Blog:

Next Meeting:   Thursday, Feb 26, 2015 @ 6:30pm

Thursday Apr 2, 2015 @ 6:30pm

June 4, 2015 @ 6:30pm


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  1. hi Valekha! Thanks for the minutes. I had a suggestion. How we have Quiznos sub every month I asked Licken Chicken to have a similar deal and for every sandwich purchased in school give a dollar to the school., same like quiznos. Please let me know if you all agree. The taste of Licken chicken is same like Popeys.

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