January 14, 2015


B. Singh

1  Welcome
The meeting began at 6:10pm

2  The results of the 2014 Bash:
Expenses: $3,152.16 Profit: $4,413.01

3 Date
The 2015 Backyard Bash will be on June 12, 2015. Because of number of school and community based activities, there will be no rain date.

Times will be the same as last year.

4 Budget
Budget will be available at the next meeting.

5 Food
Focus for product donations should be on businesses in Mississauga.

6 A) BBQ
I. Menu: Hamburger (regular/veggie), Hotdogs (halal/veggie/ regular), Samosas, Doubles, chick peas cakes, Sausage (regular/halal), patties     (regular/veggie), Lickin Chicken.

II. Fahima to bring samples of chick peas cakes and speak to Lickin Chicken re: their contribution

III. Anne-Marie to speak to Mala re: donating doubles.

IV. Ricky will be making dividers for the lines leading up to the BBQ to prevent people from crowding the BBQs.

V. Food tickets to be used once again for food purchases.

VI. Ricky to contact: Lowes, Home Depot and Canadian Tire: BBQ grill donation. Letter to follow to contact person.

VII. Monies made from in-school school council events can be used for the purchase of a grill if a donation cannot be acquired.

7  Games/Prize/DJ
Games from 2014 will be used. Prizes not be purchased, they were an extra expense and children were happy just playing the games.

Face Painting: children will only be given 3 choices (pictures will be posted). The reason being, it will allow for faces paintings to be done quickly.  Henna will be done the same way. All designs will be simple and can be done quickly.

The quote from Adventure Mania for: Baseball Game, Module (7 in 1), Scooby Doo bouncer, Soccer Game, Cotton Candy Machine, generator, extra gas (x2) is $1750.00. Discount of $260.33 was applied.

Petting Zoo
Ricky to investigate the possibility of getting a “free” petting zoo and what it will entail.

Ricky recommended we get a DJ this year to help provide entertainment, and promote sponsors. Ricky to get quote from student studying to be a DJ.

8 Banner/Flyers/Wristbands
Cost of the banner will $80 not including delivery. Anne-Marie/Kiran to design banner and flyers. Blurb re: the Bash to be included in every month’s newsletter. Having company logos and names on banner is a great way to get donations. Anne-Marie/Fahima/Kiran to discuss fundraising for the Bash. Pricing for printing of flyers (through the Peel Board of Ed.) should be the same.

Wristbands: Anne-Marie to get quote for wristbands from CanadaTickets with the Ridgewood logo and year on it. Quote should be for 2000 which will include what can be used for 2015 fall fair. Will be available at next meeting.

9  Volunteers
Kiran stated that more adult volunteers will be needed. Fifty adults and 100 students were used in 2014. Anne-Marie suggested we approach companies that state that their employees volunteer at community events. A volunteer coordinator is required.

10  Permit for Ridgewood Park
Anne-Marie/Kiran to contact City of Mississauga with date.

11   Entertainment
Imran & Nasheen to coordinate entertainment. Families with children that want to provide entertainment can sign up ahead of time so that an organized time table can be put together.

12   Next Meeting
Bash to be every second Wednesday of each month. Mrs. Singh to post dates on school calendars.


Budget                                                                            Anne-Marie/Kiran
Banner/Flyer/Newsletter Blurb Design                   Anne-Marie
Samples of chick peas cakes                                       Fahima
Wristband quote                                                          Anne-Marie/Kiran
Pricing for flyers                                                          Mrs. Singh
Volunteer Coordinator – NEEDED
Quote for DJ                                                                       Ricky
Response from Lowes, Home Depot, Canadian Tire    Ricky
Contact Lickin Chicken re: donation                               Fahima
Contact Crescent re: donation                                         Fahima
List of parents re: contacting their companies about donations                   Fahima
List of new businesses in Westwood Mall re: donations                                Fahima
Contact City of Mississauga re: permit                                                            Anne-Marie/Kiran

List of Bash Meeting Dates                                                                                Mrs. Singh



  1. Hi Annie, Good News. Licken Chicken has agreed to give me small boxes of Chicken nuggets (1 box has 6 nuggets in it) . They sell one box for $3.59. She is donating 100 Chick Nugget Boxes. Its awesome. We can sell for $2.50 per box so its $250.00 right there!!!! I am also persuing her to gv me mini sandwiches for free!! lets see .I will get confirmation letter from her on tuesday!

    • Anonymous

      wow Fem! Great job. Giving Kiran some letters for to give those that donated last year. Can’t wait to sample those lickin chicken!

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