Pizza Day and more!

pizza catWe did our first pizza day! Yaaay! Thanks to all the volunteers and office staff for making this happen! Fehmida, our fundraising chair did an amazing job. We had help from Deb, Harjeet, Nikhita, Les and Marion, and Ms. Reid, Archina  and Mrs. Singh too! Thank you so much.

I don’t have the final numbers but when I left, we had made $197.44 profit.

We ordered 40 pizzas ahead of time ($314), then 3 more (23.56) to cover those who didn’t get any at first break. Juice was $62 and we have some left over for next time. Our count after first nutrition break was $597.00, which after expenses is 197.44 profit. Les and Marion, do you have the latest numbers? Thank you again for staying when the rest of us were tired out:)

Since this was our first monthly pizza day, we had a little talk about how to make it run smoother. Here’s the scoop!

-There will be a parent volunteer in the office from 9 am to field questions and the number call ins so the office staff doesn’t have an increased workload.

-2 parent volunteers will be kindergarten waiters and handle the 7 kindie rooms in their classes.

-Marion is scouring flyers for juice sales- will buy in bulk so we have it in the school

-Sarah will compose a letter to the teachers explaining how the pizza day works (with students keeping their own money and coming to the gym, and a slice  and juice being $2 with no variation)

-We will look into (Mrs. Singh approved this) other pizza places like Ali’s and Mogas to get a better price.

-We will remind Mrs.Singh on Sunday prior to do a synervoice message.

– we will order 45 pizzas in advance, then at 9am collect numbers (from show of hands in classroom) to see if we need more, but we will only sell at one nutrition break, rather than both.

Also one of the teachers was saying they had been thinking of doing a pizza day to raise money for special needs classes, and I wondered if we could just direct some of the money we made toward that. Does everyone agree?

Also if you are able to volunteer for pizza day, let us know. Unless there are conflicting events, we will do it the first Thursday of every month.

One more thing, I’m sad and sorry to say that I must already let go of my post as co-chair. I really appreciate all of your confidence and support, but due to a number of unforeseen events, I just don’t have the time. As I explained at the pizza day, my life just exploded, as life is prone to do sometimes! I will still see you around and will help when I can and come to meetings when ever possible.

Talk to you soon, Sarah



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  1. Thanks Sarah for being a wonderful helper. Once again thanks to all who came out to support Pizza Day. esp. Debbie, Nitika, Marion and her hubby, Archana and Mr. Harpeet. Thanks to Mrs Singh for ordering pizza. Yes Sarah , we will be better organized next time. Also just to let Marion know that Sunny Food mart has Minute maid Juices (32 Pack) for only $3.00. U can price match it at Walmart (which Nitika can help us with). Also I will look into other Pizza deals. Thanks all for your support. Kids loved the pizza!:))

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