Minutes from May 29th Backyard Bash Meeting

Ridgewood Council Backyard Bash Meeting

May 29th, 2014



Attendance: Mrs. Singh and Mrs. Walker, Sarah, Anne-Marie, Valeka, Achina, Neil, Marion, Jaime, Mala, Ricky, Kiran, Fehmida.

(names are colour coded so you can easily see what you need to do:)

  • Volunteers and Wristband Sales-Marion Nolan will go to schools in the area, including Holy Cross and Ascention (Catholic schools) to arrange for the pre-sale of wristbands. Mrs. Singh or Anne Marie will send her the wristband sale form. She has coordinated high school volunteers from Lincoln Alexander and will approach the Catholic high school for volunteers. Mrs. Nolan to forward list to Kiran. She suggested that schools in the area advertise events for each other. Mrs. Singh agreed and has been pushing for this. Anne Marie indicated the deadline for distribution of wristband forms for Ridgewood Students should be June 2, 2014.
  • Prizes for Games-Each child will get a “small” prize each time they play a game (50 cents to play a game). If children “win” at a game they will be given a chit (prepared by Jaime) to fill in for a chance to win the “grand prize”.  Anne Marie indicated the grand prize for the games will be 4 tickets to Canada’s Wonderland and that there are 10 gift certificates for Pizza Pizza to be included with prizes.
  • Banner-Sponsors were included on the banner as a marketing tool and incentive for donors to donate ($135 to print).
  • VIPs-School Trustee, Rick Williams, as well as  Shirley-Ann Teal, Coordinating Superintendent  have confirmed their attendance. Mississauga City Councillor, Bonnie Crombie, has also been invited.
  • Publicity-Anne Marie is working on press releases and letters. Sarah will send Anne Marie her contact list for media.
  • Food-Neil and Jaime offered to take gifts cards in exchange for buying burgers in bulk to get the best deal. Samosas, Patties and Doubles will be available for sale and the Council decided to aim for 700 total meat pieces =144 Halal hotdogs, 288 hot dogs, 96 sausages, 200 hamburgers (including some veggie burgers).
  • Ice-Neil contacted Artic Glacier to arrange for 20-12kg bags of ice. Neil will donate a freezer to the school to store ice and perishables.
  • Money Handling Stations-Valeka, Archina and Mira will be in charge of the cash and have tables for wristband sales, raffle tickets and food tickets. Volunteers will be assigned to help as needed. For instance, the food ticket table will have two cash boxes if needed to avoid big line-ups.  Valeka will be the main contact for this station.
  • Volunteer ID-Anne Marie will arrange for volunteer name badges (two types) and we will ask volunteers to wear green or yellow if they want to.  The clear badges donated by Jaime will be worn by the committee.
  • Tables-Many on the Council have taken the day of the Bash off work to set-up the event. Mrs. Singh asked how many tables will be needed (50 tables).
  • Completed Tasks-Permits, VIP/celebs and police notification are arranged.
  • Henna-Mrs. Singh will arrange Henna supplies for the Henna stations. Achina will be in charge of getting Henna volunteers and tables for henna. At least one person volunteered to do henna at a previous meeting. Sarah will look through minutes and give the names/contacts to Achina.
  • Pick up Halal Meat-Fehmida will give address for Crescent Foods to pick up the Halal hot dogs and Samosa Factory for Samosa pick up to Marion.
  • Freezies-It was decided to sell jumbo Freezies instead of Cotton Candy. It must be determined who will pick up the Freezies.
  • First Aid-Anne Marie has requested First Aid and is waiting to hear back.
  • Purchase of Wristbands-Anne Marie found a company selling 500 wristbands for $9.99 and will order extra for fall fair.
  • Large Menu-Jaime will make a large version of the menu for people to see from food line.


Next Meeting THURSDAY JUNE 5th at 6pm


  1. Jaime and I checked out prices for hamburgers to make sure we are getting the best deal. Question, are we going to buy enough to give each volunteer a drink and a free burger or hotdog (burgers will be about 66 cents each)? Currently, there are about 35 volunteers spots x 2 shifts making it about 70 people to feed. Thoughts on this? Thanks, Neil

    • Good idea, however, I think we should only do this for volunteers doing double shifts.

  2. Address for Stonemill Bakehouse – 426 Nugget Ave
    Scarborough, ON
    (416) 757-5767

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