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JAn 15 Bash Update

DATE CHANGE:   JUNE 20, 2014

Package deal for games etc. will be $1800.00.  This also includes a bbq (I think).

Wristbands will only be purchased for those children who have paid for them.  Forms will be sent out to acquire numbers. We must come up with an incentive to encourage participated amongst other schools.  I am thinking:  $5 for Ridgewood, $7 for other individual schools.  If the school has over 100 children participating we will discount it to $5.00 per student (for their school only).  Remember we are raising funds for the school.

Flyers will be printed at the school on coloured paper to cut down on costs.  Flyers which will be hung in schools and at the mall will be printed in colour.  The flyer that was presented at the meeting will be updated for distribution.  The cost of the banner will be $125/ea.

VIP letters have been signed are to be sent out by Mrs. Walker.  Requests for donations are starting to go out.  Please contact Anne-Marie if you would like a copy of a donation/sponsorship letter.


A list of expenses will be posted.
Ridgewood Public School Community Backyard Bash
Backyard Bash Post from Dec 3rd

Date:  June 20, 2014

Time:  3:30pm til 8:30pm!

Location:  Ridgewood PS backyard!

The Ridgewood PS Community Backyard Bash will be held all day at Ridgewood PS.  The event will be a sort of farewell to the grade 5’s and welcome to those coming to Ridgewood.

The Bash will be open to all schools in the community.  Participation in the day’s activities will be encouraged either through entertainment participation or volunteering (high schools).  Kiran Maqsood to work with schools to recruit volunteers for the day.  Volunteer hours will be given to those that participate. Flyers will be sent to surrounding school for distribution as well.  Mrs. Singh mentioned that those participating the school’s spring musical would be prepared to participate.  The children that participated in the dance production during Multicultural Night will be asked to participate as well.   Mrs. Singh will ask Mrs. Walker if she can help with getting these children ready for a couple of dance numbers.   Ricky will source out the cost of a stage and flyers.  We are looking for someone to oversee the entertainment aspect of the day.

The day will consist of food from food vendors in the area (we will sell them “space” for $100), carnival type activities (Jaime MacKinnon to coordinate, please contact her if you would like to help)Raffles (Veleka Maharajh and Grandpa Nolan to coordinate, please contact Veleka if you would like to help).  Tickets will be sold to Ridgewood students for $6.00 which will include unlimited all day activities).  Forms will be sent to schools for pre-order purchases.  A group of volunteers will also have a section where food will be sold.  These proceeds will go directly to Ridgewood.

Mala will look into any permits we may need, creating the waiver for those that wish to sell food at the event.  Neil Nolan will look into security.  Mrs. Walker has created a VIP list that will sent out in the new year.   Please let her know if you think someone else should be added.  You must be able to provide contact information.  Rae Ostrander will try to acquire corporate sponsorships to help offset costs of the event. Yhojana Toro Lopez will be responsible for creating flyers, banners and well as pricing for these items.

Our next meeting is a budget type meeting.  We will need the costs associated with this project so that Rae can go ahead with the sponsorship package which should go out by the end of January.  If you know of any possible sponsors or donors, please contact the appropriate person or bring your list to the next meeting.  Contacts are all on the list sent out by Sarah.  If you need another, please let her know.

Remember the success of this event depends on ALL of us.    See you in Janaury.


  1. Forgot, we will need to do 1 imprint – one of the perks of being a Presenting sponsor.

  2. Yeah, we got our first donation coming in from Tim Horton’s! Thank you for your donation of a Tassimo machine.

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