Black History Teachers seeking Council volunteers for Caribbean Cafe and Fashion Show

At the Parent Council Meeting on January 9th, we received the following letter. Please comment below if you are able to help

The BH team would like to extend an invitation to our Parent Council to help us with our Caribbean Cafe and Fashion Show. We would like the Cafe and show to take place on the night of the concert, February 27. Grade 2 and 3 families will be invited to come in to see the concert, which will include the Fashion Show. On that night, the gym would be set up as a Cafe with African and Caribbean music and food before the concert and during the intermission.
The Task
The task of the Parent Council would be to help us with the preparation/purchase and set up of the food. The food would be sold to the audience and net profit would go towards our Black History expenses and the grade 3 Empowerment Project. The grade 3s will be raising funds to sponsor an African child in the name of Nelson Mandela. It will cost about $450 to sponsor her for the year.
The suggested menu:
  • Patties/Coco bread
  • Doubles
  • Curried chicken and rice
  • Jerk chicken and roles
  • Drink

The Council would be welcome to make changes however.

Kindly let us know if they will be able to assist any at all, and in what capacity. The Council has been very supportive of the Ridgewood community. We look forward to synergising with such an awesome team.
Kindest regards!
Black History Team
Ridgewood Public School

1 Comment

  1. Hi! I can help out on Feb 27 as long as it doesn’t impede on me seeing my son’s performance.

    Please let me know!


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