Agenda for tonight’s meeting ( January 9th)


7207 Cambrett Drive, Mississauga, ON


Phone: 905-677-1350




School Council Meeting


January 9, 2014


6:30 pm





  1. Welcome/Opening Remarks                                                            B. Singh




  1. Updates                                                                                         B. Singh/R. Walker
    1. Uniform Survey Results
    2. 7 Habits Parental Training – January 30, 2014 during Library Café
    3. Leadership Day – May 6, 2014




  1. Backyard Bash                                                                               Council
    1. Date change                                                                       Anne-Marie
    2. Do or Die Date                                                                   All
    3. Budget


i.    Rides/activities                                                       Jamaie


ii.    Wrist bands                                                            Anne-Marie


iii.    Printing                                                                  Yhojana/Ricky


iv.    Banners                                                                 Yhojana


v.    Bbq equipment                                                       Anne-Marie/All


vi.    Music                                                                     All


vii.    Newspaper ads                                                      Sarah


  1. What’s next


i.    Donation Letters/Forms                                          Anne-Marie


ii.    Sponsorship Letters/Forms                                     Anne-Marie


iii.    Special Invitations                                                  All


iv.    Applications to be completed                                 All


v.    Volunteers/First Aid                                                All




  1. Other Business/Next Meeting/Adjournment


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