Thank you to each and everyone of you who braved the rain to ensure the Bash went well.

Despite the rain I think it was a hit.  Will send you the final totals soon.

Sarah’s Report for Backyard Bash Meeting

Hi Everyone!

I can’t be at the meeting tonight so here’s the scoop on what I’ve been doing for Backyard Bash.

I sent the press release to Charity Village, Now Magazine (who replied and said we are too far away), Kijiji, snapd, and craigslist, Snapd will be sending a photographer around 5pm at the event. I lost my list of who to send to, so that was all I was able to do.

I have been painting children and myself to make a large sample board so people can chose their design while waiting in line. It will say something like “Please choose one of these designs before you reach the face painter” I am also making 4-6 small versions for the face painters to work from. These will need to be laminated-can that be done at the school?  Here are some of the pictures. I need some help choosing between the 2 batman designs and the 2 butterflies, and 2 Rex the lions.

.rainbow starcupcakecrown

All of the above can be for boys or girls. I just don’t have any boys near me to paint on! And next are the choices.

Rex 1rex 1or Rex 2rex 2

If we decide on Rex 1, I’ll try to redo it on a child’s face so it doesn,t look as creepy.

Batman 1

batman 1 or Batman 2?IMG_5678

If you choose 1, I’ll do it again to clear up the lines and I’ll redo 2 on a child because it looks creepy on me again. Sigh, I’m getting old!

Butterfly 1 butterfly 1or Butterfly 2IMG_5669

I can train face painters on how to paint these designs on Tuesday June 9th, in the daytime ( noon or 1pm) or evening or both.

Also does anyone have a large water cooler? The face painting area needs access to water to clean the brushes.

I think I said I would post the volunteer list on line but I couldn’t remember how so that didn’t happen. I can come around 9am on the 12th to help set up. I wont be available the days prior except Tuesday because I am starting a new job.

Please comment below to answer my questions and make your choice. Thanks everyone!


Hi Parent Council,  

On June 10th and June 11th, Ridgewood students will be presenting the musical, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. After months of hard work and practice, the performance is almost ready to go! 

We are looking for parents who are willing to help with the musical.  

We are in need of costumes – peacock dresses/wings, cupcake hats for the boys, ideas for the oompa loompa costumes. 

We are in need of parent volunteers to come to Ridgewood on June 10th and June 11th to help with putting up decorations in the gym and getting the students ready. 

If you are able to help in anyway, or know any other parents who might be available, please respond to this email and let us know.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated, 


Mrs. Balneet Singh,Principal



Volunteers are needed for the backyard bash.  If you are available to help out please sign-up at the office where a sign-up sheet is available with times and positions.


The next committee meeting is May 20th at 6:30pm.  See you there.


I am sure many of you saw the notice from the school board re: the possibility of an elementary school strike.  Please Note:

1. it is only a possibility at this point

2. this WILL NOT effect the Backyard Bash!  This event does not require teacher participation and is being held outside of the school.

Let’s keep up the great job that we are doing!

Correction to Bash Meeting Date

The next Bash meeting date is May 6th at 6:30pm in the Library.

The following dates are:

May 20

June 3

June 10

School Council Meeting – Apr 16

Meeting Thursday, Apr 16, 2015

Purpose: Parent Council Meeting


Walking to School:

  • PowerPoint Presentation shown by the Mississauga Traffic Council.
  • School Zone signs have gone up around the neighborhood
  • Programs have be created to get the kids walking to school
  • There will be a reward at the end of the school year

Jump Rope:

  • Apr 22 money is due and the event is already underway with some classes already participating (jumping)

Leadership Day 2015:

  • Apr 27 – is designated for the parents of the school (free of charge)
  • Apr 30 – members of the Leadership Council will be coming to the school
  • Action Teams have been developed and are in full swing
  • Some members from the Steven Covey organization came by to assess the school to see if it has reached “Lighthouse” status and we will find out the results next week.

7 Habits:

  • This workshop is happening during blocks 1 and 2 as well as 6 and 7 teaching parents about the Leadership in Me – 7 Habits

Backyard Bash:

  • Everything is a go we are just waiting on the permit for the field to be finalized
  • We can now send out the flyers as they are ready
  • Firefighters and Police. Anne-Marie has sent out the necessary paperwork to have them attend the event
  • The banner is at the printing house
  • Volunteers – Mrs. Eckel will “supervise” the volunteers
  • The DJ has been arranged by Ricky
  • We will arrange for certificates to be out to the volunteers who have contributed their time over the year both parents and students. This will allow them to have proof that they have volunteered for the school. Arrange to have a “Sip and Receive” event.
  • Asked that there be large maps and small maps around the “Bash” so everyone knows where everything is happening and who is stationed where
  • We asked that there be 5 designs for face painting – to do “crowd control”
  • Next meeting will be May 14 @ 6:30pm in the library for the Backyard Bash

The Updated Sex Education Curriculum

Kate Jones will be presenting her workshop on “Behaviours” on Thurs, Apr 23, 2015 from 6:30-8:30

French Immersion inf


Due to another event being held at the school on April 9th, the Bash Meeting will be held April 2nd at 6:30pm SHARP in the library.

Please TRY to be ON TIME.

See you all there!

School Council/BB Meeting

Ridgewood Public School Council Meeting

February 26, 2015




The regular council meeting was called to order by the Principal and chair at 6:35 pm and a quorum was present. Mrs. Singh welcomed everyone to the meeting and distributed the agenda.


Present: Principal-Mrs. Balneet Singh, Vice Principal-Ms. Sue Eckel. Parents: Kiran (chair), Ricky, Neil, Jaime, Valeka, Fehmida


Co-chair Position


  • Kiran initiated a discussion requesting a volunteer to act as co-chair. Fehmida volunteered to accept the position of co-chair for the Ridgewood PS Council.


School Musical – Charlie & the Chocolate Factory


  • Ridgewood Teacher, Mrs. Prizzon, told council about this year’s school musical “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” to be held on June 10 and 11, 2015. She hopes for as many children as possible be involved from all grades. She requested support from parents with costumes and set design to make it a community event.


  • Council discussed if a larger venue at a local high school could be arranged so that more parking and seating is available. Mrs. Singh will inquire at Lincoln M. Alexander Secondary School.


Teacher Report


  • Grozdanovski organized skating trips for students in grades 1-5 at the Malton Arena. Due to the extremely cold weather in the last few weeks, many trips had to be cancelled as the students walk to the arena. Alternate arrangements have been made to try to ensure all classes have one trip this year. Next year, a nominal fee of $2 per trip will be charged so buses may be arranged to drive the students to the arena.


  • Numeracy is a big focus for this year and the Grade 3s continue to prepare for EQAO and training with the Kurweil Program for reading.


  • A special assembly was held to celebrate Chinese New Year on Feb 20th and many events were held throughout February to celebrate Black History Month including a Spotlight on Black Heritage Field Trip, Afro-Caribbean Action Team presenting at Agnes Taylor Public School, Hip-Hop Workshop and Student Lighthouse Leaders will host a Caribbean Café and Fashion Show to end the month.


  • Other events included Aussie X Cricket, Hockey Field Trip and Lighthouse Students welcoming visitors from Guelph/Niagara School Boards.


Leader in Me Conference – Michigan


  • Ridgewood Public School has been invited to present at a Leader in Me Conference to be held in Michigan on March 11, 12 and 13th. Mrs. Singh will travel with a teacher to present about the Ridgewood Lighthouse Team. This is a huge honour and we not only will have an opportunity to present but also to learn from other Leader in Me schools from the United States and Canada.


Kiss and Ride


  • Eckel noted that there are still several issues when parents drop off and pick up their children each day. The snow has been plowed to leave more room for cars to manoeuver making the Kiss and Ride safer this winter.


PRO Grant


  • Two speakers have been booked using the Parents Reaching Out (PRO) grant:


Workshop: Understanding My Kid’s Behaviour (Kate Jones, BA, M.Ed)

Date: April 23, 2015


Workshop: Disciplining Children (Dr. Stordy)

Date: May 28, 2015


Second Annual Leadership Day


  • Student Lighthouse Leaders have been taking charge of some of the school events in preparation for the Second Annual Leadership Day to be held at Ridgewood at the end of April. Every student has a role on a Leadership Action Team. The free Leadership Day for Parents will be held on Monday, Apr 27, 2015 (8:45am until 1:45pm) and all parents are encouraged to attend and see the results of all the hard work put in by the students.


Backyard Bash



  • The March newsletter will feature information on the Backyard Bash with a separate mailing to follow requesting that parents volunteer or donate to make the event a success. The next planning meeting for the Backyard Bash will be held Mar 12, 2015 in the Ridgewood Library at 6:30pm.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:45pm.

Meeting Thursday, Feb 26, 2015


Purpose: Backyard Bash


  • Neil and Jamie have offered to donate the meats for the BBQ (ie. Hot Dogs, Hamburgers (1000pcs)). Re-considering the donation from Pillar and others that are located far, if there is no one to pick up the product
  • Ricky was able to get a DJ with no cost to the school
  • The suggestion for this year is to have tickets that represent $1 – instead of selling individual tickets for items, one ticket is a dollar
  • The cost for Reptilia to come out is $350.00 – the council decided that it was not worth the cost
  • Singh said the “Donation” letter to parents will be sent out within the first couple of weeks in March
  • Gittens will co-ordinate the volunteers for the Bash
  • Ricky has agreed to talk to the firefighters to come out to the Bash
  • No flyers will be sent to the surrounding schools
  • Singh will print the flyers and start the distribution after March break
  • Jamie asked if we can have folder set up on the blog with all the letters for reference purposes, this year and the following
  • We asked that the parents be on the lookout for “sale” items – jammers, water. We can store them at the school. We will give the receipt to Mrs. Singh for re-imbursement. Veleka will create a spreadsheet to track the product that is being purchased.
  • Gittens will make 500 cup cakes and we will sell for 2/$1,individually wrapped


Please note the new meeting dates and times for the Backyard Bash Committee Meetings.

Updates on on the schedule previously listed.

See you there!